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Medina, Ohio Mold Inspection and Testing Near you

The Best Mold Inspection and Testing in Medina, Ohio

At Cut and Dry Restoration, we strive to provide the best possible mold inspection and testing services in Medina, Ohio and the surrounding areas. Our technicians are highly trained and certified professionals who have over 60 years of expert experience. We are the highest rated home service company in our region with a 4.8 star rating from over 1500 Google Review locations. We are Angie Certified and have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. We are also a Neighborhood Favorite, voted on by users of Nextdoor.com. Our technicians always strive for 100% customer satisfaction and we provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We also provide emergency services with a same day or next day response time. Our rates are reasonable and we offer 0% financing so you can pay up to 18 months with no interest. We also provide exclusive new customer discounts. In addition to this, Cut and Dry Restoration is Green Certified and is committed to providing eco-friendly solutions with top of the line products. When it comes to mold inspection and testing services, Cut and Dry Restoration is the premier choice in Medina, Ohio. Contact us today to learn more or to schedule your appointment.

How Much Does It Cost to Test for Toxic Mold in Medina, Ohio?

Mold testing and inspection costs vary depending on the size of the area being tested and the specific services needed. Cut and Dry Restoration has a competitive pricing structure that offers each customer the best possible price based on their individual needs. We strive to offer the most cost effective services and 0% financing to make our services more affordable. Our technicians are subject matter experts and certified to provide same day or next day services, which saves our customers time and money from having to wait for technician availability. Furthermore, as a neighborhood favorite, we offer exclusive new customer discounts. Our 100% satisfaction guarantee allows for peace of mind when it comes to quality assurance and green certification.

What Do Technicians Look For in a Mold Inspection?

Technicians from Cut and Dry Restoration look for mold in every area of a home or business. Our technicians use state of the art technology to detect mold that may be present, even if there is no visual inspection. They look for mold in areas such as floors and walls, behind cabinets, under carpeting and rugs, in crawl spaces, attics, behind furniture, plumbing connections, and any other area visible and inaccessible. Our technicians conduct an initial visual inspection to look for visible signs of mold growth, such as water damage, spotting, discoloration, mold odor, and other signs. Our technicians then use specialized moisture meters to detect even tiny amounts of moisture in building materials. This helps to detect mold that may be present in areas with higher levels of humidity. They also take samples of visible mold and/or material suspected to contain mold to be lab tested. With a combination of experience, specialized skill, and state-of-the-art equipment, our highly trained technicians are able to accurately detect the presence of mold and the amount present. Our technicians go through a minimum of 100 hours of specialized training and have the knowledge to recognize the source of the mold issue. Because of their experience and skill, Cut and Dry technicians are able to quickly and accurately assess the situation and offer solutions to the mold issue. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and are confident that our technicians can help you get rid of any mold issues you may have.

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